Soyala is a magnificent story, brilliantly imagined and skillfully executed on every level. I was completely caught up in it from beginning to end. The author’s intimate depiction of the lives of this small clan of humans back in the middle years of the thirteenth century is immensely powerful, both intellectually and emotionally.

Tom Hyman, author of Jupiter’s Daughter and Seven Days to Petrograd

Soyala is an epic story spanning four generations, focusing on a woman enduring the historic exodus 800 years ago from the land and cliff dwellings of the Ancient Puebloans. Cindy Maynard’s lively, engaging and plausible depiction of Soyala’s experiences provides insight into Ancient Puebloans during the most mysterious event in the southwest.


Jeffry B. Mitton, Professor Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology University of Colorado Boulder


Anastasia's Book of Days

From the vestiges of the Holy Roman Empire in Europe to the creation of the nation we now know as Germany, the life of Anastasia Burkart reflects the momentous changes sweeping across her beloved Black Forest homeland.

She must grow up quickly, taking on responsibilities unusual for her place and time.  Her life which spans most of the eighteenth century takes an unexpected trajectory. Her story - that of a never-wed mother of three in a conservative Catholic society is filled with strife, hardship and love.

Based on Anastasia's purported diaries, this novel presents her life story, turning a family genealogy into the flesh and bones of a real woman, who passed her name down through the generations.

What a beautifully written, important story. Readers will fall in love with Anastasia and her family. The themes—commitment, loyalty, family, wanderlust, fulfillment, and of course gender equality—are explored with depth and honesty. The prose is lovely. And the timing’s masterfully done.

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